Zimnodół 113, 32 – 300 Olkusz,

NIP 637-107-18-07
REGON 273628089
tel/fax. 32 649 16 00
mob. 601 747 264

Zbigniew Cioch
mob. 601 747 264

tel/fax. 32 649 16 00

Equipment base
ul. Długa, 32-300 Olkusz
mob. 601747264

We would like to invite you to use our services!

We are a reliable, dependable company, which functions within the area of małopolskie (in such cities as: Kraków, Chrzanów, Tarnów), śląskie (Katowice, Gliwice, Częstochowa), podkarpackie (Rzeszów, Mielec, Przemyśl) voivodeship, and also working with bigger contracts. We do our work solidly and scrupulously.

We have highly- qualified operators and together we create a companionate team. Guarantee of the highest quality!

You can rent the best lifters and cranes.

We are willing to answer any of your questions. We are looking forward to cooperation with you!

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